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payPLUS turns the ubiquitous mobile into a Point-of-Sale device and helps merchants, small or large, extend card-based commerce to anyplace and serve customers anywhere.



When digitally empowered consumers expect to be served at any time and place of their choice, businesses need to rethink and redefine their traditional practices of commerce. They need to be where the consumer is and accept any payment instrument the consumer prefers. Businesses that embrace this agility are more likely to create ceaseless opportunities for growth.


payPLUS offers an integrated payment solution that converts mobile phones into Point-of-Sale (POS) devices to accept card transactions anywhere. By serving consumers who prefer the convenience of cards, businesses not only win back lost sales opportunities, but also enhance customer loyalty. payPLUS enables merchant acquirers to equip businesses of any size with card acceptance – whether a large enterprise needing mobility or a small business that needs to serve customers at home or on the road. payPLUS maximizes sales opportunities by enabling businesses deliver location-based services like offers and discounts.


Flexibility to integrate with leading card readers, payment switch, etc.

Supports rapid addition of new features without disruption in business operations.

Customized offerings for specific target segments.

White label solution with customizable branding.

Mobile POS Solutions



payPLUS goes way beyond merely facilitating card transactions anywhere by adopting an integrated view of the entire ecosystem of banks, telcos, merchant acquirers, merchants and consumers. It combines the power of a lightweight mobile app and a card reader, and fully complies with EVM Chip+PIN and Chip+Sign global standard to offer multiple payment options including credit / debit / prepaid cards along with open and proprietary wallets.


  • Supports cloud based deployment with robust merchant activation and authentication.
  • Integrates with merchant IT / CRM systems with a web UI for merchants and back office.
  • Provides merchant dashboards, KPIs and reports.
  • Conforms to all leading card readers like Verifone, QPOS, AnywhereCommerce, and PAX.
  • Supports NFC payments and payment extensions like CNP, EMI and DCC.
  • Geo-tags all digital chargeslips and SMS receipts.

Inside Payplus card transactions
Payplus Architecture



payPLUS is built over an extremely flexible and adaptive architecture that allows merchants to configure it to their business needs. It is designed to fit businesses of any size, scale and hierarchy and allows for the creation of custom data fields, logos, colors and branding.


  • Flexibility for merchant specific customizations and integrations.
  • Supports merchant specific content like logos, screens, promotions & more.
  • Customizable fields to capture additional merchant data.
  • Supports merchant hierarchy catering to diverse merchant organizations.



payPLUS mobile app framework is designed for maximum efficiency, minimum size and consistency of user experience. Besides the light footprint, it updates itself on the fly so the merchant always has the latest data and configuration. In addition, users get a consistent and predictable experience across a range of mobile devices.


  • Lightweight mobile footprint.
  • On the fly application updates.
  • Real time updates pushed to the mobile client.
  • Easy and intuitive merchant self-care on the application.
  • Diverse and comprehensive transaction reports.
  • Consistent look and feel across devices and screen sizes.

Payplus Mobile App Framework
Payplus enhanced security



When it comes to security of data and transactions, payPLUS makes no compromises. With PCI DSS compliant security architecture and hardware encryption, payPLUS ensures multi-level account binding to prevent misuse. As no data is stored on the device itself, loss of the device poses no security threat.

  • PCI DSS and EMV compliant with hardware encryption of card data at the dongle.
  • Multiple levels of account binding (dongle + mobile + account).
  • Geo-tagging of transaction location.
  • No data stored on the handset.
  • Merchant authentication on the app to prevent misuse.



When it comes to staying in step with the new age consumer, the possibilities are endless. On the road or visiting a store, shopping in a hurry or having fun at the movies, payPLUS can become an integral part of the millennial generation.


Payplus on the move payment solutions

On the move services like cabs and businesses on wheels can now receive card based payments anywhere, anytime.


Payplus door step payment solution

Home delivery services of all sizes can now allow customers to pay with their cards, right at their doorstep.


Payplus queue buster retail payment solution

With payPLUS, large outlets and businesses can now help busy customers to complete purchases promptly by busting the queue.


Payplus seamless collection value solution

Businesses that collect money at frequent intervals, such as insurance, can facilitate rapid card- based collection via payPLUS.


Year on year, every year, Mahindra Comviva has been recognized for excellence and innovation by some of the top agencies in the business; a feat that stands as a testament to our domain knowledge, business approach and technological excellence.

  • Right ecosystem of partnerships and alliances
  • Deep industry expertise
  • Cross-industry mobile experience
  • Knowledge of country specific regulations
  • Flexible commercial models with shared risks
  • End-to-end technical and business operations support
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    • TMCnet Tech Culture Awards 2016
    • Smart Card & Payments Awards 2016
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