Mahindra Comviva’s Smart Policy Controller is a standards based solution that enables operators to efficiently manage data service traffic and quality whilst providing subscribers with differentiated offering to monetize their data offerings.

The offering combines network and customer intelligence to launch tailored service offerings for business and residential customers.

Strong Today. Stronger Tomorrow.

TPS Scalability on a single box
Million Subscriptions across
Cellular Networks, Mobile Broadband
and Wi-Fi hotspots
3G/4G traffic managed across sites
with high availability


Supports the ability to identify and differentiate traffic flows in the network. This helps to create innovative offers tailored to the user’s context.

Opens new revenue opportunities via creation of vertical-specific services with other ecosystem players. It provides customer intelligence, performance and usage analytics.

It supports a built-in customer and marketing analytics tool. This provides a single, holistic view of the subscriber. This includes service entitlements, location, device type and usage behavior.

It supports in-browsing service activation and fulfillment by seamless integration with Mahindra Comviva’s My Plans- Data Recharge Portal. This in turn lowers dormancy on the network.

Unique Selling Proposition

Deepen Engagement over the Customer’s Lifecycle

The Smart Policy Control Suite (PCRF) allows mobile network operators to develop and act on a strategy mapped to every customer’s unique service and usage lifecycle. Broadly, these include acquisition, adoption, nurture, grow and advocate.

Complete Monetization Framework

For rapid services innovation, integration between policy and charging rules function and IT elements is crucial. Smart Policy Control Suite (PCRF) can be integrated with tools such as the policy enforcer and customer and network analytics and data recharge portals.

Opens up New Revenue Streams

This is achieved via creation of vertical-specific services with other ecosystem players (for instance: content, gaming, texting) and providing customer intelligence, performance and usage analytics, to application and content developers and mobile advertiser

A Holistic View of the customer

Built-in network , customer and marketing analytics provides a single, holistic view of the subscriber, including service entitlements, location, device type and usage behavior, facilitating creation of relevant and targeted plans to maximize customer lifetime value

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Smart Policy Controller

Smart Policy Controller

Smart Policy Control Suite

Smart Policy Control Suite

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