Smart Policy Control (PCRF)

Monetize the Data Services Wave
Smart Policy Controller Suite for data monetization


Mahindra Comviva’s Smart Policy Control (PCRF) helps mobile network operators (MNOs) develop innovative strategies to monetize data, attract and retain customers, and efficiently manage network resources.

Contextual offers delivered over the lifecycle of the customer

Innovative pricing of mobile broadband is a critical lever for operators to effectively monetize growing data consumption. Operator traditional online charging systems (OCS) and billing systems have primarily been designed to handle simple flat-rate or volume-based pricing for data and are unable to address emergent demands for advanced monetization strategies encompassing multiple customer segments, devices and networks. In order to harness the data growth engine and stay ahead of the curve, MNOs need to adopt a holistic monetization framework structured around identification and classification of target segments and demand flows and design and launch of relevant plans over the right channels.


Mahindra Comviva’s Smart Policy Control (PCRF) combines network and customer intelligence to launch tailored service offerings for business and residential customers. MNOs can rapidly roll-out offers using a range of variables including:

  • Device type – Type of device for accessing data (iPhone, iPad, laptop or eReader)
  • Customer location – Home or office zone or roaming
  • Network status – Congestion at a per cell level
  • Network type – 2G/3G/LTE/Wimax/Wifi/Fixed broadband
  • Service type – Nature of the data session in progress (video, VoIP, tethering,P2P or Facebook)
  • Customer spend- Customer type ( prepaid or postpaid) as well as high median and low ARPU users
  • Customer tiers – Business, VIP, family or government
  • Time of day or day of week – Peak or off-peak hours

Using these variables MNOs can take the right pricing decisions to grow the value of broadband assets.


The ability to identify and differentiate traffic flows in the network helps create innovative offers tailored to the user’s context.

Opens new revenue opportunities via creation of vertical-specific services with other ecosystem players (for instance: content, gaming, texting) and providing customer intelligence, performance and usage analytics, to application and content developers and mobile advertiser.

Built-in network , customer and marketing analytics provides a single, holistic view of the subscriber, including service entitlements, location, device type and usage behavior, facilitating creation of relevant and targeted plans to maximize customer lifetime value.

In-browsing service activation and fulfillment by seamless integration with Mahindra Comviva’s My Plans- Data Recharge Portal lowers dormancy on the network.

Marketing friendly GUI-based policy creation supports rapid creation of innovative plans in line with evolving market, customer, network and competitive conditions.

Dynamic policy enforcement based on a range of variables (subscriber, application, device, time-of-day, network, location and content) provides real-time control over network resources and delivers an assured service experience.

Key differentiatiors of our Smart Policy Controller Suite

Deepen engagement over the customer’s lifecycle


Smart Policy Control (PCRF) allows MNOs to develop and act on a strategy mapped to every customer’s unique service and usage lifecycle.

  • Acquisition: Improve base of data customer on the network by offering a range of contextual affordable plans e.g. short-term passes or application based plans.
  • Adoption: Increase service adoption by leveraging context and personal packages, example 2G to 3G, personal add-ons, and multi-device offerings.
  • Nurture: Leverage real-time context to increase uptake; for example, speed boosters, impulse packs.
  • Grow: Deliver personalized services that enhance subscriber experience, such as application-based differentiation, group plans, parental control as well as value-added services such as anti-virus.
  • Advocate: Reward customers for their loyalty by offering discounts or higher volumes, gift allowances.

Policy Control Suite Customer Engagement Lifecycle
Smart Policy Controller Monetization Framework

Complete monetization framework


For rapid services innovation, integration between policy and charging rules function and IT elements is crucial. Mahindra Comviva’s Smart Policy Controller (PCRF) can be integrated with the following elements:

  • Policy Enforcer: Smart Policy Controller (PCRF) integrates with third party as well as Mahindra Comviva’s Policy Enforcer for fast and cost-effective implementation of monetization scenarios, example enable users to purchase additional entitlements and have them charged and provisioned in real-time.
  • Customer and Network Analytics: Uncovering unique data consumption patterns of users, through traffic tracking and analytics is critical to creation of contextual service packages that meet user needs, increase loyalty and add new revenue streams. Smart Policy Controller (PCRF) can interface with third party or Mahindra Comviva’s analytics solutions to obtain advanced insights into customer’s preferences as well as real-time network insights to refine decision-making and develop consumer-centric propositions.
  • Data Recharge Portal: A proliferation of plans creates associate complexities of service discovery for customers. CSPs can optionally deploy Mahindra Comviva’s Data Recharge Portal, an in-browsing marketing channel to notify, recommend and up-sell and cross-sell products to customers.



Year on year, every year, Mahindra Comviva has been recognized for excellence and innovation by some of the top agencies in the business; a feat that stands as a testament to our domain knowledge, business approach and technological excellence.

  • Recognized as a highly innovative and dynamic force in the mobile data space
  • Helping leading global mobile network operators to deploy innovative monetization strategies and deliver an optimal broadband experience
  • Modular, distributed architecture ensures cost-effective scalability
  • Converged network support to improve operational efficiency and customer experience
  • Standards-compliant and ensures seamless integration with network elements
  • Support for CAPEX and OPEX based business models, extending greater options to mobile network operators
  • Flexible deployment and licensing models
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