Real-time Analytics for Customer Experience - RACE

Delivering best-in-class customer experience management


Mahindra Comviva’s Real-time Analytics for Customer Experience (RACE) solution enables operators to measure and quantify their subscribers’ experience by combining a crowd sourced model with big data analytics to identify, compile and evaluate quality of experience(QoE) parameters.

Data is widely considered the future of mobile technology. Not only would the underlying technology be data-based, but mobile operators are adopting a data-centric approach, rather than a voice-centric one. In this red ocean market, operators are hard-pressed to find means to not just differentiate their offerings but also secure a high revenue stream. The problem of lowering revenue for operators is further aggravated by advent of OTT players. While operators face a tough challenge trying to fend off the OTT threat, a bigger challenge of managing customer experience is now looming large.


Mahindra Comviva’s RACE measures real-time customer experience by understanding subscriber behavior while accessing the internet from an end-to-end perspective.


This is achieved through an application on the device, termed as mobile probe, to the experience and satisfaction levels and through probes in the network that capture real-time traffic information across multiple subscribers, services and cells.


End to end CEM measurement through mobile device probes, network probes and DPI.

Ability to analyze and provide insights on both radio and IP network performance.

Provides most number of use cases and deployment methods for the operator.

Patented algorithms to analyze the why and how of bad subscriber experience.

Provide real-time policy updates for a 360 degree feedback loop to PCRF and optimization solutions for a better customer experience.

Provides both cost-saving business model and cost generation business model.

Effective QoE measurement


While quality of service (QoS) is an important factor to ensure data service-adoption, without effective QoE measurement, the end-user satisfaction levels are affected. Mahindra Comviva’s RACE ensures this end-to end measurement of the data service. All the data values captured from these mobile probes will then be consolidated and analyzed through big data tools with detailed and comprehensive reporting capabilities that will help operators analyze the performance and network characteristics better.


RACE’s competitive edge


Mahindra Comviva’s RACE has industry’s first of its kind real-time policy feedback framework. User experiences and issues are identified in real-time by the device and are reported to the CEM analytical engine. The CEM engine then analyses the data and identifies critical KPIs that could hamper user experience. These KPIs are then matched to the thresholds to check if they are within permissible limits. If the KPIs exceed the limit, a corresponding policy / rule, that is configured in the CEM engine, is sent to the PCRF or optimization engine in the core network.



Year on year, every year, Mahindra Comviva has been recognized for excellence and innovation by some of the top agencies in the business; a feat that stands as a testament to our domain knowledge, business approach and technological excellence.

  • Recognized as a highly innovative and dynamic force in the mobile data space
  • Helping leading global mobile network operators to deploy innovative monetization strategies and deliver an optimal broadband experience
  • Modular, distributed architecture ensures cost-effective scalability
  • Converged network support to improve operational efficiency and customer experience
  • Standards-compliant and ensures seamless integration with network elements
  • Support for CAPEX and OPEX based business models, extending greater options to mobile network operators
  • Flexible deployment and licensing models
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