This solution is aimed at reducing the cost of SIM activation. It supports machine-to-machine communication and is device agnostic. It optimizes the administration of numbering ranges and network resources. It solves distribution logistics and stock management of SIM Cards by activating new lines and recovering blank SIM cards.

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Million Activations
Activations Per Hour


A scalable solution that supports over 10,000 activations per hour

An industry-proven solution, with over 100 million activations

Visual designing of upsell campaigns during activation

Unique Selling Proposition

Reduced Sales and Distribution Costs

The solution enables an operator to reduce sales and distribution costs by over 30 per cent

Faster Time-To-Market

The solution ensures reduced integration with the network. This, in turn, leads to shorter times to market

Messaging Offloading

The offering supports machine-to-machine communication. This streamlines overall functioning

No Geographic Borders

The solution overcomes technological and geographic limitations, assuring activation no matter the kind of device and the location.

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Large operator in Brazil
Case study

Large operator in Brazil

Resolving the Number Range Challenge Deploying the Automatic SIM Activation offering at a large operator in Brazil helped the operator reduce license costs.

Enhancing Subscriber Activations
Case Study

Enhancing Subscriber Activations

The solution helped a mid-sized operator in Bolivia achieve 10,000 activations an hour

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