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The future of enterprise messaging looks rosy if you look just at the numbers – And why not? 90 % of all SMS are read within 30 minutes. The open rates are astonishingly high at 98%. No wonder, Banks want them for 2FA. SMS is cheap and easy to use. In an increasingly digitized world, SMS is a winner.

As the world gets even more digitized, the enterprise messaging segment is expected to grow even further, with growth expected from new messaging formats like chatbots, RCS, 2 way interactive messaging and so on. In this new world, always connected, always transacting, always live with billions of teeming messages, what role will operators play? Will they be bit players?

In this e-book, we will look into some of these opportunities and challenges in the emerging enterprise messaging landscape. As a bonus for our readers, we will reveal how an integrated and holistic approach to enterprise messaging caters to each and every stage of customer lifecycle.

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